Green Air Installation

Green Air was the second installation by Nomad.Studio at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, MO.  The art piece is a sculpted aerial garden inside the courtyard of the museum.

As a part of the installation team, I cut and tied varieties of Tillandsias, which were then arranged in a suspended arrangement from the courtyard’s steel canopy.  We worked meticulously with the plants for almost two weeks during the installation process.

Nomad.Studio describes this installation as, “A space in and of itself, a systematic yet delicate arrangement of Tillandsias, hanging from thousands of slices of repurposed wood, suspended from the courtyard’s steel canopy, moving as a supraorganism.  The installation has a powerful transformational impact on the courtyard at the heart of the Museum, as the sculpture hangs above the heads of visitors, swaying organically in the breeze, and sketching linear shadows on the courtyard’s ground plane”.

It was a pleasure to work with such an amazing team and studio on this design installation.